Top 3 Hottest Asian Girl DJs

You may not need to have great looks to be the best DJ but Asian girl DJs have the looks and the talent. Most are a sight to behold and when they get down to work, no one wants to leave the dance floor. But there is always one who is the fairest of them all. Here are our top three picks of the hottest Asian girl DJs. They can play music mixes that are top notch but can still leave you staring and torn between whether to dance or stare at them.

DJ Soda

The Korean beauty was born as Soda So Hee Hwang in 1984. She hails from Seoul, South Korea and the young lass is definitely sexy. She has a cute face and a sexy body that is every woman’s dream and every man’s imagination. It is her sexy body and great dance skills that made her famous.

She made a cute dance video that went viral and since then she became very popular. She is known for great mixing and doing sexy dance moves behind the decks. She is now a YouTube hit with the many videos she posts. She can put up a show and many have come to love her for this. She definitely has a bright future in the DJing scene.

DJ Alexis G

DJ Alexis G joined the DJing scene in 2013 and since then the Malaysian sexy girl has taken the industry by storm. She grew up as a hip hop dancer and a gymnast and when she grew up she ventured into modeling. So, she has the looks and the passion for what she does. She is describes herself as a feminine DJ. She plays electro house music and is great at it. She has had shows as far as Hong Kong and Cambodia and is a darling of many back home.

DJ Bombshell

DJ Bombshell is definitely the sexist DJ in Asia. She has a great body with curves in just the right places. She was born as Amy Kao but goes by the name Bombshell. When she gets down to work she truly is a bombshell. She has taken the Taiwan music industry by storm and has traversed South East Asia due to public demand. She has come to be accepted as a great name, not because of her hotness but because of her skills when she gets behind the decks.

There you have it, talented and sexy girl DJs of Asia. If you though DJing was a man’s job then you need to think again!