Meet Some of The Black Female DJs

Djing has always been the dream job for many. Though there are many who don’t make it to the professional level, but everyone has a wish and a desire to be there. Unlike the other sectors of music industry, for unknown reason, female DJs has always been less popular than the men, let alone Black Female DJs. But, there are some Black Female DJ who just won’t let her dream.

DJ Spinderella

She is one of the best female hip-hp DJ and along with that title, she is a Grammy winner, music producer, rapper, writer and proud mother.

DJ Spinderella was born and raised in Brooklyn and since her childhood, she became fascinated with Music. Her career as a DJ started before she was even 16. She started developing her DJ skills when she dated a DJ in her early age. She started professional DJing when she joined an all-female group as a DJ and the group made 5 studio albums including some golden singles before they disbanded.

After that, DJ Spinderella started working as a radio personality and slowly became a popular face in the music industries. She is still one of the best Black Female DJ and she still holds down her reputation as the Number 1 Female DJ in the universe.

DJ Kiss

Jessica Semple, mainly Known as DJ Kiss, is one of the most popular Black Female DJ in present time. DJ Kiss often performs in high-profile events all around the country. Recently she played in the official post-Oscars celebration, the 2016 Governor’s Ball, for the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, and many more!

DJ Kiss was born in Louisiana, and her love for music started growing in her early teenage. She started playing since 2007, and she is not going to stop very soon!

One of the biggest time of her career was when she joined Oprah Winfrey on her “The Life That You Want” tour as a DJ. She performed for many high profile celebrities and corporations and for brands like Beats, MTV, NBC, etc.

DJ Kiss is most probably one of the best and most popular Black Female DJ and she will always be the icon to follow for many.

DJ Cocoa Chanelle

DJ Cocoa Chanelle is a pioneer among the Black Female DJ and she has been working for a really long time to really make a mark in the DJ scene. She was raised in West Virginia by her grandmother. One of the saddest part of her life was, it was her brother who thought her to play the turntables and he was killed right before Cocoa had her first official deal as a DJ.

Cocoa was mainly known for her 16 yearlong radio career in NYC HOT 97. She went viral on social media when a video of her doing turntable tricks was posted on Facebook. She was considered as one of the best 17 DJs in USA by Vibe Magazine. She received “Black Girls Rock!” And “Best Female Mixshow DJ of the Year” awards as a result of her hard work.

DJ Cocoa Chanelle has been in the scene for so long and She is definitely an inspiration for all Black Female DJ to just do what they love most and make a profession out of it.