Five reasons why I like bowling with friends

A commendable activity for relaxation is bowling. It is highly entertaining and does not require any special skills to win. The best people to compete with are of course close friends.

Friends are just awesome

Contending with close friends is an ideal way to spend quality time. There is always that rivalry that needs to be aired out once and for all and bowling is the right fix for all that.

There is a tendency to keep score of who won last time. Each game is simply a continuation of the last duel.

A few basic requirements

The right kind of bowling shoes is highly recommended for each game. Seek out a pair that fits just right before lining up for the game. Ultra comfortable bowling shoes -, that are in mint condition are the best pick. Besides being well prepared for endless hours of countless fun they adequately protect the feet. The risk of fumbling with the ball is quite high so it is necessary to have a safeguard against this. Street shoes need to be exchanged for special bowling shoes for everyone that wants to participate. Avoid getting them wet.

Just about anyone can play

Few sports are able to keep up with bowling. It is terribly easy to learn and can be played by just about anyone - kids, teenagers, best buddies and so on. People absolutely love to play and win against their opponent. The best part is that any well meaning contender can win.

Foster good relations

As part of good sportsmanship bowling players strive to adhere to the best practices while on the lane. This way the players treat each other with mutual respect which grows well beyond the game. Winning is part of the game while the entire experience has so much to offer.

A great way catch up with some old friends is to meet over a decent game of bowling. Being an addictive and spectacular sport it is all too easy to get caught up in a match up involving familiar faces.

Lane etiquette

Observing the rules of the game each and every time ensures that the game goes on smoothly. Friends are encouraged at all times to stick to the rules and respect each other.

Happy times can be made extra special by having good friends around. Bowling alleys are a source of much fun where memorable encounters are carved out. An easy to follow sporting guideline covers all the requirements as well as the best practice.