Most of the Electronic Dance Music are women, but the mainstream of this field is dominated by men, however the most stylish females in fashion at fashion parties are behind the DJ booth. In the past few years young, stylish females have emerged as the go to DJs at fashion parties. Most of them have other roles in the fashion, entertainment industry and label founders. Below is a list of the most stylish female Djs with varying degree of actual DJ talent and have sense of style that we all want to emulate.

1. Annae Lunoe from Australia.

She is the most stylish female DJ across the world. Lunoe, who is also a singer, song writer and a producer.. she is also a radio presenter for the international Apple Music radio station.

2. Nina Kraviz from Russia.

Kraviz is one of the most recognized female DJ in the word and playing her gigs in Berlin. She is well known for her mixing and selection of old, rare tracks that aren't being rinsed in the clubs around the world.

3. Ida Engberg from Sweden.

Ida is a techno DJ and a mother of three kids.

4. Maya Jane Coles from Britain.

Maya is one of the house hold name in Britain courtesy of her high profile production and features on mix like DJ Kicks.

5. The Lady Machine from Brazil.

The Lady Machine is a Brazilian techno DJ and a upcoming female DJ in America and Europe.

6. Jessica Audiffred from Mexico.

Jessica is a bass artist, she is also a radio presenter. She has performed at electronic dance music in mexico and she regularly tours the world. she is also a singer and she is set to record a song with Ducky of main course records.

7. Nicole Moudaber from Lebanon.

Nicole is a Dj, promoter and a radio host who spend her time in London. She is mainly known for her groovy, beat driven techno sets.

8. Ellen Allien from Berlin.

Ellen is a DJ, Producer and a label founder. she spend her time off the deck running the radio show Bran-candy on Ibiza Sonica radio and designing clothes for her label.

The above list as not comprehensively exhausted the list of the stylish female DJs around the world. There are a number of young stylish female DJs coming up every day in various parts of the world.

A commendable activity for relaxation is bowling. It is highly entertaining and does not require any special skills to win. The best people to compete with are of course close friends.

Friends are just awesome

Contending with close friends is an ideal way to spend quality time. There is always that rivalry that needs to be aired out once and for all and bowling is the right fix for all that.

There is a tendency to keep score of who won last time. Each game is simply a continuation of the last duel.

A few basic requirements

The right kind of bowling shoes is highly recommended for each game. Seek out a pair that fits just right before lining up for the game. Ultra comfortable bowling shoes -, that are in mint condition are the best pick. Besides being well prepared for endless hours of countless fun they adequately protect the feet. The risk of fumbling with the ball is quite high so it is necessary to have a safeguard against this. Street shoes need to be exchanged for special bowling shoes for everyone that wants to participate. Avoid getting them wet.

Just about anyone can play

Few sports are able to keep up with bowling. It is terribly easy to learn and can be played by just about anyone - kids, teenagers, best buddies and so on. People absolutely love to play and win against their opponent. The best part is that any well meaning contender can win.

Foster good relations

As part of good sportsmanship bowling players strive to adhere to the best practices while on the lane. This way the players treat each other with mutual respect which grows well beyond the game. Winning is part of the game while the entire experience has so much to offer.

A great way catch up with some old friends is to meet over a decent game of bowling. Being an addictive and spectacular sport it is all too easy to get caught up in a match up involving familiar faces.

Lane etiquette

Observing the rules of the game each and every time ensures that the game goes on smoothly. Friends are encouraged at all times to stick to the rules and respect each other.

Happy times can be made extra special by having good friends around. Bowling alleys are a source of much fun where memorable encounters are carved out. An easy to follow sporting guideline covers all the requirements as well as the best practice.

If you are one of those people who love water, love spending time at the seaside or at the pool and you are also a pet lover, having a dog breed that loves water is a definite must.

Many people believe that dogs are generally born with a great sense for swimming, but there is nothing more wrong than that. The truth is that while the majority of dogs make a paddling motion if they happen to find themselves in water. Not all dogs are great at keeping themselves afloat. Actually, many of them have no idea how to head to the shore. However, there are some breeds that are genuinely water lovers and can adapt faster to water basins.

Dogs That Love Water

Even if you have a small or big dog breed that is naturally more inclined to enjoy spending time in water, you should start thinking of how to help your pet buddy be happy in water and enjoy it as much as you and your friends.

Right when the weather starts getting warm, one of the first things to do is to go into a pet shop and get your dog a swimming gear. This will definitely make your dog happy. The majority of these accessories are inflatable objects made of materials that will not hurt your dog’s teeth, nor will break easily. They can have the shape of a circle, bone or even spring float. The last one for example, will definitely make your dog happy, as it will allow it to lounge in the water after maybe playing the whole day, while you will be able to keep it under your supervision.

If you are a big fan of paddling, surfing, canoeing, water cruising or any other water sport, you can definitely take your dog with you. A water jacket that will prevent him from drowning is all that you need in order to keep him safe and happy. With that gear on, your puppy can now enjoy water sports or water cruising as much as you.

Last but not least, in order to transform your pet into the best dog water companion, you can accessorise it with a pair of water goggles, surf dog towel that will help him dry, a surf dog collar to make him stand out, or maybe a box of dog sunscreen. Yes, there is sunscreen and it can be used on its cute little nose and pows.

What else is left right now? Get him all geared up, as nothing will make your dog happier than letting him spend as much time with you.

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