Next Girl DJ

Alright before you decide to pull the trigger on me please hear me out, keep in mind we are living in a world with so much people that would be extremely hard to pick your favorite candidate, but I do see a little bit the future as a few will be please but others not, kindly read the article and you will know why I am doing a top 3, however I can’t deny there are a lot of beauty and talent out there, happy reading guys.

Some history first

It is amazing through the time a DJ job is not only to put some good music and of course depending of the occasion, long time ago they were not looked as celebrities, just a person putting a long playing or in some videos in charge to select the music, where others took the credit leaving the poor DJ left behind, keep in mind DJ is the short for Disc Jockey a person who mixes recorded music as it is playing, for those of you who listen to Madonna last hit “Music: there is a catching phrase she says “Hey mister DJ put the record on, I wanna dance with my baby”.

It was common to see men into this industry however something changed and women decided it was time to be in the same job, DJs have become part of every greatest event, as you can see them on wedding, some birthdays, even when someone dies, VIP parties, video clip for famous rappers/singers, even they are able to create soundtrack for them or someone else and do not forget the techno as well, a limitless world indeed.

However I know you came here to know the top 3 beauties well let me introduce them to you, so here we go.

Sport number 3: Tamara Sky

We have the true femme fatale here guys, at first you can see her angel face where it gives you the idea she is a very innocent girl, but that is where you are wrong.

Tamara Sky is a bombshell Puerto Rican, who a very amazing figure due to her tropical and alternatives dancing, she is one of the most successful dj and respected among her own coworkers in the industry but we need to add she is also a model as well, a very nice combination indeed.

Spot number 2: Seherezade

Coming up next, we have a bombshell in every aspect of the word, not only beauty but brain and a very hard worker indeed, world respected dj and model as well.

Seherezade from lovely Hungary is here to say present, she was a former model with thousands of photo shoots widely known in the famous magazine FHM, every time she is in a party, you can feel magic on the air while looking into her eyes, a very hard worker woman who has gained the respect of everyone.

Spot number 1: Ane Teri

We finally arrived to the spot number 1, however guys keep in mind the beauty is not everything, as you must be a hard worker, engage with the public, be as professional as possible, know your niche, have an extra fuel to burn and inspire others.

Ane Teri, an exotic Ukranian woman, who is always having a blast when she is playing her music at first you think is all beauty but make no mistake, she is a requested DJ for VIP clubs and big parties always bringing a great combination of beauty and music, this is heaven.

Feel free to follow them on their social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or check videos on YouTube as well, I bet you will be charmed bedazzled.